The 180 Method Masterclass

The 180 Method

The 180 Method is a solution-driven process developed for people seeking happiness & self-confidence.

The 180 Method Masterclass is a FREE online workshop to learn more about The 180 Method!

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As human beings, we tend to approach things the same way in hopes that they will change or be different. It is the solution to insanity. 180 Method means you reverse your direction to do something different.

If you did a 360 turn you would end up in the same place. This only takes you right back to where you started.

180 takes you to a new place creating the change needed.

The 180 Method Masterclass

There are 4 pillars to the 180 Method

The 180 Method™ Masterclass

  • LIVE Training Hosted by: Alejandra Crisafulli
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Tired of self-help strategies that give you a boost but leave you in the painful place you started? 

Where others might give up, you have a chance to break the cycle and thrive. The Baller Coach, Alejandra Crisafulli, is an internationally acclaimed coach with more than two decades of experience, and she’s passionate about helping you. Take this free 180 Method™ Masterclass webinar, and you’ll get the tools to transform your professional, personal, and relational life.

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The 180 Method was created to bring clarity and empowerment to a world where too much emphasis is placed on “turning life around” and not on how much turning actually makes sense. We all know that turning 360 degrees puts us right back where we started, and unfortunately, many self-help programs do just this.

The 180 Method Masterclass changes everything by helping you put dysfunction behind you. Our FREE webinar has transformed the lives of thousands around the world.

What People Are Saying

The below testimonials are real and raw emotions that clients have been able to feel confident in sharing in our private groups and in messages and for privacy reasons part of their messages have been blurred. Joining the 180 Method Masterclass has allowed for so many personal break throughs and I wanted to give a glimpse of what joining the class could do for you!

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