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"Life-Changing program"

STAGES was such a life-changing program, I never felt such connection with my audience. I though I was coming to get educated on how to be a better speaker which I got but what I walked away with was so much more. Words cant describe what happens in this 2 days. I am not making the money I want to make doing what I love to do…educate. — Ty Marcel, TIGI Educator

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"I now understand how to connect"

"I get it… I now understand how to connect and emotionally engage my audience an, team and clients." — Jeff South, Club Intrigue Owner & Speaker

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"STAGES helps you to uncover you, your story and your purpose"

“I attended STAGES to feel more comfortable about speaking in a processional environment whether that is on stage or in a meeting and I am walking away with knowing it not just about the processional but the personal and putting that humanity behind the story, so that if you forger your works and feel anxiety it melts away, it only matters if your being an authentic and truthful speaker and STAGES helps you to uncover you, your story and your purpose”

Alison Alhamed, Editor and Chief - Modern Salon

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"Everyone needs to attend this weekend"

Words cannot begin to describe what this program has done for my career. You do not have to be a speaker to have a life changing experience in these 2 days. Everyone needs to attend this weekend, the tools you come away with change every of your life and business. My only regret was not finding out about this workshop years ago. — Elaine Travis, Lux Salon Owner & Speaker

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"Recommend it to anyone who is SERIOUS about making a change"

“I have found coaching to be life alternating and having Alejandra as my coach has been phenomenal. When I first signed up for the coaching I was very skeptical, because I had been in several before with no results. I found them to be unstructured and too “fluffy” with no substance. I told her I could very easily “turn her into my therapist or mother” and neither one of us wanted that! I also told her it was very expensive and I did not have the money to pay for it so I needed real results and I got them. I am not the same person I was six months ago! I feel alive, vibrant and able to take advantage of all of the opportunities life has to offer. I owe this to Alejandra and her coaching. I highly recommend it to anyone who is SERIOUS about making a change!” — Felicia F.

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"An informative and opening weekend"

“Thank you Alejandra, it was an informative and opening weekend and it was great to meet you. Now the roles and the triangle have been on mind as I go through my day. I remembered the phrase that I was trying to think of when Sonya was talking about her abuse, covert molestation which essentially means there was inappropriate behavior which might not be commonly thought of as abusive. The phrase came to me in bikram yoga the other day. Thank you again for organizing the weekend, as I get closer to actually resigning I am acutely aware that I am the one creating my own conflict & drama with this job. Ownership is an interesting thing.” — Aleesa