Individual Life Coaching

I’m Alejandra Crisafulli, Award-Winning Master Coach. I work with entrepreneurs who are at their wits end having tried anything and everything to build their confidence and nothing has worked. I help them by challenging them to reject the traditional self help models and master life through developing a lifelong active relationship with God by utilizing the 4 Pillars of the 180 Method.

This coaching program isn’t just your tips and tricks coaching tools…this is real work with real results!

Self Confidence

Master your confidence so that you can use your voice effectively, receive the many gifts God has for you, show up every day rooted in knowing who you are and how to fully show up.


Remove the blocks that have limited your happiness and kept you in a pain cycle so that you can live each day purposeful never doubting or questioning again.


Stop dealing with your life and start healing so that you no longer have to manage everything carrying the burdens of your past nor the worries of your future.

Partnered relationships

Master your significant relationships in life so that you have a true partner in life that is willing to do anything for you.


Master your communication so that you are heard, valued and respected.

The Alejandra Crisafulli Advantage

Unlike other coaching programs, Alejandra Crisafulli coaching 180 Method goes beyond simple strategies, tips, or tools. She treats the whole person from the inside out challenging you to reject traditional self-help models that don’t get you the results that you are wanting long term. She does this through treating the whole person and how you are designed to live by not only healing but developing an active relationship with God. This allows for an awakening from spiritual slumber that creates a steady progressive healing that reprograms and reformats your soul…which is where the “problems” and every desire you have stems from…not your mind.

If you have thought, all you needed was some mindset work or just some tools to hold you accountable to breaking bad habits or gaining better time management skills then let this be your first breakthrough and schedule a call with Alejandra to hear more about what is needed for your transformation.

Reasons why people have decided to take on life coaching

Studies, taken from real clients, showing reasons why people have decided to take on life coaching with Alejandra:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Time management
  • Build business
  • Clarity
  • Trust intuition
  • Eliminate fear
  • Get out of an unhealthy relationship
  • Balance
  • Gain self-confidence
Alejandra the Baller Coach

Whether you’re stuck in destructive personal cycles and need change, or you’re an entrepreneur working to take your business to seven figures, Baller Coach Alejandra Crisafulli is the powerhouse guide you’ve been searching for.

During more than 20 years, Alejandra has personally coached more than a thousand clients, and she’s known for her practical, holistic, and inspiring way of sparking permanent change in her clients.

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Life Coaching for Real People Living Real Lives

Leave the flashy, short-term payoffs of other self-help programs behind and dive into the real deal with Alejandra. This is one-on-one coaching that puts you center-stage and helps you create lasting resilience, empowerment, and clarity. Alejandra’s unique synthesis of practical support and spiritual training allows you to grow as a whole person instead of isolating yourself into pieces. Alejandra will take the time to understand you, your story, your current circumstances, and your dreams. Once she knows you better, she’ll collaborate with you to build a path forward. Simultaneously, she’ll equip you with timeless tools you can use to thrive no matter what life throws your way in the years to come.

Choose life coaching with The Baller Coach, and you’ll get an ally who asks important questions, provides real resources, and challenges your assumptions. You’ll see your journey, personality, and style honored in the way they deserve. Learn to flourish your way.

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Alejandra the Baller Coach

1 on 1 Coaching Sessions

Individual Life Coaching

People like to say they “turned their life around” — but turn 360 degrees, and you’re right back where you started. Connect with your coach, Alejandra, to identify the best direction for your life. The future is bright!

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Personal Life

Every life has baller potential. Are you fulfilling yours?

Alejandra Crisafulli is the knowledgeable, committed ally who can empower you to live on your terms. Heal, grow, and thrive like never before. Learn more about how The Baller Coach can equip you to transform your life for good.

Business Life

Whether you’re a long-time team leader or a budding entrepreneur, you deserve to take on the world of business your way.

Alejandra will help you identify your strengths as well as areas where you can improve. You’ll find that your ambitions are well within your reach.

Spiritual Life

As a human being you are designed to be in a direct relationship with God. Spirituality has gotten complicated and over worked through out the years.

However your spiritual growth is so simple and is the root to all baller status in the long lasting sustainable way you want to live. Unlock the key to your truth power no matter where you stand with God.