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Get the help you need, with none of the fluff. Straight to the point, instantly applicable, and happiness-oriented, The Healing Formula™ is a free eBook by our very own Alejandra Crisafulli, covering 5 simple steps to put an end to fear, pain, and doubt FOREVER.


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Coping Vs. Thriving

Most people are unfortunately stuck in a situation where they are constantly having to cope with their problems, always dealing with them one at a time. This approach is in some ways unavoidable, however, it is an obstacle to true thriving.

We would never say that self-transformation is easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things a person can do. When self reflection leads you to some serious crossroads and decisions, how can you know for sure that you are making the right decisions?

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As Joseph Campbell often said, “Follow your bliss.” The truth and happiness of your life lies there. Bliss and desire need to of course be clearly distinguished. We aren’t talking about just doing whatever is most satisfactory at this very moment. Instead, we are oriented towards getting first unstuck, learning to love oneself, and really heal — with a strong orientation towards emotional health and mental well-being.

To get help along the way as you tap into your authentic self and begin exploring your full potential, check out The Baller Coach’s HEALING FORMULA™ for help with self-discovery, emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and more.

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