How to Know if You're Stuck in the Human Pain Cycle

At The Baller Coach, the human pain cycle is a common theme in people’s lives that we help them overcome for self healing. The human pain cycle is something that everyone experiences at some point in their life and it’s just how it sounds — painful. It’s a cycle of thinking, behavior, or life that seems to happen again and again. Learn about some of the signs of being stuck in the cycle below and get the self healing you deserve with the 180 Master Class at The Baller Coach (starting September 20th).

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You're Frustrated in Life

One of the most common signs that you are stuck in the human pain cycle is feeling frustrated in your own life because you haven’t found the happiness you thought you would have by now. As we mature and age from adolescence to adulthood, somewhere along the way we learn that by a certain point in our lives we are supposed to have it all figured out and be the happiest versions of ourselves. But, if we hit that point and that’s not the case, it can lead to extreme frustration and entrance to the human pain cycle.

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You Procrastinate

We’re all guilty of procrastinating from time to time — there’s no shame in that. But, if you find yourself procrastinating on practically everything all of the time, it could be an indicator that you’ve found yourself stuck in the human pain cycle. If you are unsure whether or not you are in the human pain cycle and in need of a little self healing, look inward and think about whether or not you are constantly putting things off.

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You're Afraid of Making Mistakes

In life, many people feel immense pressure from every direction to be perfect and correct all of the time. But the fact is, mistakes are not only perfectly natural, but a necessary piece of growth. There isn’t a life coach out there who will tell you that you can never make mistakes. So long as you are understanding your mistakes, why they happened, and how you can prevent making the same or similar ones in the future, they are a powerful learning tool. If you are fearful of making mistakes to the point where you don’t really give anything a try, chances are, you are caught up in the human pain cycle.

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"There Has to Be Something Better" Mindset

The “There has to be something better” mindset speaks volumes to where you are at in your self-healing journey and the human pain cycle. In essence, this indicates that you are miserable and actively seeking a better way forward. This is an admirable notion that you should absolutely explore, but self healing and growth can be difficult without a little help.

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