4 Factors That Can Hold You Back From Happiness

And How You Can Be Happier!

Find Your Happy With The 12 Week Program

Happiness is the ultimate goal. Everybody wants to be happy. But are you the one standing in your own way? There are many things we do every day to self-sabotage our chance at being truly happy. Here are four ways you can get out of your own way and embrace your happiness.

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It’s so easy to examine ourselves and pick out the parts that we’re unhappy with, which in turn affects our general happiness. It’s easy to become so wrapped up in what we see as our shortcomings, we forget to celebrate the parts of ourselves that we like. When you focus on your positive attributes, you’re going to feel more confident and generally happier too.

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Fear affects all of us, in different ways, in our everyday lives. Discovering what you’re scared of and how you can learn to let go of those fears is one of the key aspects in unlocking happiness. You may have heard the old adage, ‘what’s the worst that can happen?’ But it takes courage to practice that mindset and step outside of your comfort zone. Getting rid of the things that make you fearful or anxious is a sure way to make yourself happier.

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Always Wanting More

You may be one of those people who think “I’ll be happier when…” When I lose weight, when I have that dream job, when I’ve paid off all my debts. Stop waiting for the future to happen and embrace where you are right now. Take note of the parts of your life that you’re happy with and focus on those. If you’re always wanting more, you will never be satisfied. It’s great to strive towards your goals, just don’t make your happiness dependent upon them.

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Jealousy is the number one stealer of happiness. Whether it’s jealousy in a relationship, or over what somebody else has. When you focus on being jealous and creating a sense of resentment in yourself, you will never be happy. Assess what it is that makes you jealous, figure out how to stop it at the root and we guarantee you will appreciate what you do have even more.

Although there are so many aspects of our lives that can make us unhappy, focusing on these four areas first is key to beginning your journey. The Baller Coach’s 12 Week Program allows you to work through your blockages and discover who you truly are. We want you to be the best you that you can be, and we’re ready to start your journey with you.

Find Your Happy With The 12 Week Program