Become a certified life coach

Become a certified 180 method life coach!

The next certification starts on June 28th, and you know its time to answer the call that God has placed on your heart…becoming a life coach. But you’re not interested in just blending in with the crowd of self-help coaches. Your mission is to facilitate healing, not mere coping, all while aligning with God’s purpose for your life.


I’ve witnessed countless aspiring coaches search for the right training program, only to be led astray by lofty promises and exorbitant fees that left them with little more than a hobby. You, however, seek more than just a title; you’re investing in a calling and a business. The good news? You can achieve both with the right program!


Gain the skills, credibility, marketing prowess, sales acumen, and supportive community needed to excel as a coach while honoring your divine calling. Every coach needs a top-tier curriculum and certification to thrive in today’s market, and build a flourishing business that changes lives. 


As a Certified 180 Method™ Life Coach, you’ll be equipped with a proven framework that has been tried and proven for over 21 years, empowering you to implement two distinct coaching programs with your clients. You will be able to monetize these programs in various ways, even while in training.

Consider this:

The personal development industry is valued at $41 billion.

The mental health industry is valued at $323 billion.

A professional coach with just two clients per day earns three times the national average.

Your journey isn’t solely about financial gain, but acknowledging that prosperity is one of the many ways God blesses you. By becoming a Certified 180 Method Coach, you’ll not only be able to charge what the method is worth for your coaching services but also gain access to the licensed usage of The 180 Method, in both 1:1 and group formats!


Register today for our upcoming Certification Group, delivered live online with five in-person training days, and receive:

Pillar 1: Business Development

Business Development

Identify Profitable Niches: Discover your profitable niche & learn how to use it to make money

Effective Marketing Messaging: Craft compelling marketing messages that resonate with your target audience, attracting clients and driving business growth.

Tailored Package Offers: Utilize the structured approach of the 180 Method to design irresistible package offers, maximizing value for clients while optimizing your profitability.

Diversify Revenue Streams: Explore strategies to develop multiple revenue streams, ensuring stability and long-term sustainability for your business.

Sales Process Mastery: Hone your skills in client consultations and sales processes, mastering the art of converting prospects into loyal clients to fuel business growth.

Strategic Business Marketing: Implement proven marketing strategies tailored to your business model, positioning yourself for success and standing out in competitive markets.

Pillar 2: Relationship Development

Coach Knowledge

Forge Meaningful Connections: Acquire the skills to establish deep and meaningful relationships with your clients, fostering trust and rapport essential for effective coaching.

Transition with Confidence: Seamlessly navigate the shift from being an advice giver to a professional coach, mastering the art of guiding and empowering clients towards their goals.

Master Challenging Situations: Gain the expertise to handle even the most difficult client scenarios with finesse, ensuring optimal outcomes and maintaining the integrity of the coaching process.

Optimize Client Success: Learn proven strategies to navigate through challenging situations, ensuring that your clients achieve their desired results and experience profound personal growth.

Pillar 3: Coaching Program

Coaching Program

Exclusive Methodology: Access the unique Coaching Formula available only to Certified 180 Method™ Coaches, setting them apart from generic life coaches.

Focused on Results: Utilize a tailored approach to guide individuals towards healing and achieving their specific desired outcomes with precision.

Proven Effectiveness: Benefit from a coaching formula meticulously developed to deliver results, drawing upon intricate knowledge and expertise.

Streamlined Healing Process: Experience a journey towards healing and transformation that is smooth and effortless, thanks to the structured approach of the Coaching Formula.

Certified Excellence: Trust in the credibility and expertise of Certified 180 Method™ Coaches, ensuring you receive the highest standard of coaching available.

Pillar 4: Coach Knowledge

Relationship Development

Exclusive Coaching Formula: Gain access to the unique Coaching Formula available only to Certified 180 Method™ Coaches, distinguishing them from generic life coaches.

Precision Guidance Toward Results: Utilize the Coaching Formula's intricacies to guide individuals towards healing and achieving their specific desired outcomes with precision and effectiveness.

Structured Approach to Healing: Experience a structured and systematic approach to healing and personal development, designed to make the journey towards desired results smooth and effortless.

Certified Expertise: Trust in the expertise and credibility of Certified 180 Method™ Coaches, ensuring that you receive guidance rooted in proven methodologies and techniques.

Elevate Your Coaching Practice: Differentiate yourself as a coach by incorporating the Coaching Formula into your practice, offering your clients a unique and effective pathway towards transformation and success.

Your comprehensive training package includes:

Five in-person workshop days

Six months of live virtual training

One scholarship client for practice that will be your choice

Access to a supportive community via private FB group

Recorded sessions with Award Winning Master Life Coach Alejandra & other master coaches

Comprehensive lesson plans and marketing resources

And much more!

This invaluable training and certification, typically valued to over $100,000, is available for just $10,000 USD Per Person, with flexible plans

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