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Alejandra Crisafulli

Alejandra Crisafulli is the creator of the 180 Method and is an Award Winning Master Coach and Global Speaker. With over 21 years of experience in coaching, training and development, Alejandra is considered one of the “pioneers” of the coaching industry. She has worked with over 5,000+ coaching clients, trained over 300 coaches, guided entrepreneurs to scale into multi 6+ figure and 7+ figure businesses, and has built a multimillion dollar coffee business with her husband Eric spanning Southern California. Known for her engaging and compelling style, she has taken practical business expertise with the foundation of God, giving her clients the modern-day magic that gets results.

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The Baller Coach was created in 2009 by Alejandra Crisafulli, an award-winning Master Coach and global speaker with more than 20 years of experience. She offers one on one coaching, coach training for life coaches & masterminds for new coaches and seasoned coaches. Her services and courses are in high demand around the globe fulfilling the mission of brining God back into the self help industry. No matter which route you choose with The Baller Coach, you can depend on Alejandra to free you from the discouraging cycles of the self-help industry while equipping you to thrive and grow continuously over the long term.


The Baller Coach’s mission is to help humanity return to the truth and simplicity of mastering life. Alejandra’s holistic, client-centered approach to training and coaching sees people as the whole, complex beings they are. Instead of isolating mindsets or motivations, she cultivates the complete baller! Her method is rooted in the foundation of Faith in God along side the decades of professional experience. She has a Masters in Metaphysical Science and currently runs a multimillion-dollar coffee business in Southern California with her husband. Her combination of practical business expertise and energetic spiritual science gives you results without the BS.

Meet the Coaches

Gabby Marsh,
Creative Life Coach for The 180 Method

After experiencing the amazing results of this method for herself, she decided to join the team as a certified professional Coach and serve the Hispanic community worldwide.


Gabriella Marsh was born and raised in Argentina. In her early years she was introduced to the beautiful world of the Arts, dance, music, literature, and later in her youth, sketching, graphic design and architecture. Creativity is a word that represents her and fills her with desires to inspire others.


She is dedicated to her loving family, husband, children and grandchildren as they are her priority. But never forgets the principles that are her identity; love, compassion and service to everyone around her.


Living according to the meaning of her name, Gabriela: “God is my strength,” her faith is her foundation and her path to her purpose as a Daughter of God.


As a Life Coach of the 180 Method, her vision and mission is to empower women to free their path from barriers and live life according to the divine purpose that they are created for, with intention, success, health and joy.

Coach Gabriella Jimenez

Gaby trajecta 10 años de experiencia en coaching. Graduada de la universidad, comenzó guiando a estudiantes adolescentes y padres en su carrera como mentora de la preparatoria y universida. 


Al casarse y convertirse en mamá, Gaby deseaba criar a sus hijos en casa y tomó la decisión de emprender en su propio negocio de salud y bienestar. Siendo ama de casa,  esposa y madre, se  convirtió en un gran líder y coach en su negocio, consultando a más de 300 clientes y formando un equipo Hispanos en la industria de la salud Intestinal.  Junto a su esposo alcanzaron uno de los niveles más altos de la compania y continúan creciendo en esta este su propósito del bienestar. 


Gaby se a convertido en una Coach de Vida certificada  por el Método 180

AHORA encaminando vidas a SANAR desde el Alma. Siendo que nació en EUA y creció en México, sus raíces, cultura y lenguaje la orgulleze el poder presentar sus servicios en Inglés y Español.

Conectar con ambos mundos,

Su caracter del desatar cadenas y emprender como pionera abriendo nuevos caminos a ella y a los demás es su autenticidad


Gaby es una Coach de Vida apasionada y comprometida en ayudarte a alcanzar tu máximo potencial. Esto añade un conocimiento de lo que es la verdadera sanación necesaria para llegar al exito y NO estar constante sobrevivencia  solo lidiando  en la vida. 

Jennifer CIlino-Folks

Jennifer Cilino-Folks, known as “The Maverick,” is a licensed Clinical Psychologist of over 20 years, an experienced healthcare leader and 180 Method Coach. She is known for her work helping individuals heal from trauma, coaching high achieving clients through plateaus, and helping entrepreneurs work through sabotage and mental blocks. Her “tell it like it is but use humor” style creates a comfortable atmosphere for clients to be challenged, learn, heal and move forward with freedom to live aligned with purpose.

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