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The 180 Method™

The 180 Method: A proven, solution-driven process with over 21 years of transforming the lives of high-performing women.

Individual Life Coaching

This coaching program isn’t just your tips and tricks coaching tools…this is real work with real results!

The 180 Method™ Mastering Life Course

Discover the healing power of The 180 Method™, a proprietary life coaching program meticulously crafted by Alejandra Crisafulli. Our services cater to high performing individuals seeking personalized guidance in their life journey, available in both English and Spanish for a truly inclusive experience that is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. 

Self Help Not Helping?

Reject the traditional self help models and master your life through developing a lifelong active relationship with God by utilizing the 4 Pillars of The 180 Method™

All of the pillars within the 180 method have been Divinely guided and created with the makeup of who you are as a human being. That is why we can say that there is a 100% success rate when you have applied this method to your area of life you are wanting to heal rather than continue to deal with.

The 180 Method™ Mastering Life Course

If you have found yourself here, then you are not looking for any ordinary life coaching program. You’re a high performing woman that is ready to 180 her life, relationship, business and health. You have probably been down the path of trying many different things or you’re clear that traditional ways of self-help or therapy just aren’t for you.


Pillar 1 - The Golden Key will show you how you are creating your current circumstances (and this is way more than the law of attraction or manifestation skill! That's old school traditional self help that maybe helps for a short period of time or doesnt help at all) to create your own circumstances.


Pillar 2 - The Healing Formula, yes there is a formula and this will be the last self help tool you will ever need! This formula will teach you how to heal pain, wounds and relationships with ease.


Pillar 3 - The 360 Human Pain Cycle. In the 360 Human Pain Cycle, you will be able to recognize the cycles that control your life and learn HOW to finally break them

The Mastering Life Cycle

Pillar 4 - The 180 Mastering Life Cycle, you will transform your life by achieving unwavering happiness, success & healing


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You are not ordinary. You are ready. You are willing to do the work. And you don't want to do a bunch of self-help work that just doesn't work.

Our approach isn’t just about personal development; it’s about understanding God’s role within each person’s healing and the unique way in which He designed us to function as human beings. This provides the long lasting results that traditional self help models fall short in. The 180 Method™ challenges an individual towards breaking the 360 cycles that cause the continual stuck, blocked and unproductive realms in which you experience through your everyday life. 


The creator of The 180 Method™, Alejandra Crisafulli, has over 21 years of experience and a track record of 5000+ clients. The 180 Method™ isn’t just a coaching program; it’s a proven path to success, fulfillment, and lasting change.

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We’re not here to give you generic advice. The 180 Method™ is a solution-driven process, specifically designed to help high-performing women like you break free from unfulfilling patterns and reach new heights.


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